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Yes, there is more to life than sports!

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Making a Difference In The Lives of Athletes and Families in Need


A new home has a 7-10 year impact on a family in need, and produces numerous benefits such as better health, improved chances to become a regular student at school, and healthier social and mental development..




One home provides lasting impact in 5 key areas.




Not only will families in need receive homes, our program is designed to impact sports teams and individual athletes.




We don’t just build homes, we’re changing sport culture.


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Make A Difference In the World

Hope Sports arranges service trips to Mexico, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic for active and retired athletes, teams, their coaches and sponsors. In two days you and your team are tasked with and given all the material needed to build a house for a family in need – uplifting their lives forever.

Our trips provide meaningful experiences that are profound and worthwhile. What can be more rewarding than helping build a home for a family?

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Why Homes?

A debt-free home helps leverage families out of poverty. Conquering the perceived impossibility of owning a home gives a family confidence for victories in other areas of life and hope for a better future.

Why Athletes?

When an athlete’s identity and self-worth become strongly intertwined with their accomplishments in sports, rather than mixed with a diversity of non-sporting accomplishments, this strong dependency can lead to the formation of unhealthy habits and personality shifts.

Give Paint

A donation of only $25 can provide a 5 Gallon bucket of paint to be used in the building of one of our homes!

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What The Athletes Say

By providing our athletes with a meaningful opportunity to make a difference by using the unique platform that sport has given them, we aim to enhance their performance on the field now and in the future. By cultivating an off-the-field identity, our athletes have found more purpose in their athletic pursuits, felt less external pressure, and have been more willing to extend their athletic careers. Hope Sports has made a profound impact on the development of our athletes as people, and on the performance of our team.

Luke Bodensteiner

Executive Vice President of Athletics, US Ski & Snowboard

This trip to the DR has really shown me just how lucky I am to live the life I do; the contrast between the pristine beaches and the crushing poverty that neighbor each other is unreal. I'm extremely thankful for the experience. Perspective is a major step forward to getting the mind set for 2017

Justin McQuerry

Development Cyclist, Team Novo Nordisk

In reality, it really doesn’t take much effort to make a better life for others if you are willing to look for opportunities.

Brian Firle

Chaplain, Pastor, Bicycle Industry Professional, Master Technician, Athletes in Action

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