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When you win do you feel more relief than joy because you didn’t loose?

Winning should bring you joy, not relief because you didn’t lose. Sport gives us the freedom to be our best, but all to often we compete not to lose, rather than for the love of the game.

Are you letting fear of failure inhibit you from performing to the best of your ability?


Discover how sport can bring you real joy

Start Winning

Start winning both on and off the field

Use Sport

Use sport as a tool for good


Learn how to build healthy relationships


Learn how to be confident when you compete


Improve interpersonal communication and performance

Compete with freedom


Mental Toughness

Develop the mental toughness you need to be an athlete that withstands the ups and downs of sport

Overcome disappointment

Losing doesn’t have to get you down. Learn how to deal with failure

Increased Confidence

Become a confident competitor that stares your competition in the face

what if one workshop could change your career for the better?

Do you worry that you’re not a good enough competitor? Will you be a better competitor next season or will your performance continue to suffer? The Hope Sports workshop could make the difference for your career. Don’t miss out on rediscovering your love for the game.

Rediscover your love for the game

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Team Novo Nordisk’s experience with Hope Sports has been the single greatest team building exercise we have done in our 12 years of existence. I have never felt so proud of my organization for all of the heart and soul they put into building homes for the families, and to see the smile and gratitude from the families will forever be imprinted into our souls. I would encourage any and all to take part in working with Hope Sports. Your life will be changed, and your team and employees will be forever grateful for the experience you have provided.

Phil Southerland

CEO & Founder, Team Novo Nordisk

Hope Sports opens our eyes to the world around us, providing perspective in this insular world of sports. Yes, there is more to life than sport. By serving others, our athletes found a purpose, which has led to some incredible team relationship breakthroughs. I have seen positive changes in individual attitudes and a deeper appreciation for one another.

Jim Miller

Vice President of Athletics, USA Cycling

The Hope Sports experience is a game changer. Our team received a jolt of understanding on the power of compassion, working together to achieve the common vision, and gratitude. You become vulnerable, and that leads to real connection. This experience is NOT a ropes course or a seminar deal, it goes deep and you will not find a better experience for your group. Your team will never be the same.

Richard Hill

Head Coach, University of San Diego Baseball

Live workshop investment

How many opportunities are you losing because you’re not competing to the best of your ability? How many times do you step on the field not ready for the battle? How many times do you feel like you’re letting yourself and team down? How many games have you lost because you weren’t fully there? A lack of excitement for the game may be costing you a whole lot more than you think.

rediscover your love for the game

Are your results suffering because your sport is no longer fun?

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November 15 - 17, 2019


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