Life Changing Experiences

Who Benefits from Hope Sports trips?

  • The families of the local communities Hope Sports serves
  • Young people who participate in sports at all levels
  • Individual professional and/or elite amateur athletes
  • College, club and national teams
  • Coaches and other team support staff
  • Sponsors
  • Participants’ families, friends, and communities.

Local Families


Throughout Latin America, the typical cost of a home is 5.4 times higher than working families’ average wages. 30% of all families live in shacks crudely constructed from scrap materials, plastic and rubbish.


A child without a home is three times less likely to attend school, limiting their future employability and self-reliance. Children whose parents own a home are more likely to attend school, and tend to stay in school on average 2 years longer. This creates a chance to break the cycle of poverty in their generation.


Homeless children are twice as likely to suffer from asthma and other chronic health conditions. Simply moving from dirt to a concrete floor reduces the rate of chronic childhood diarrhea by 43%. Healthy children and parents are able to be more productive and focus their income on other areas.

Transformed Thinking

Children without shelter suffer anxiety, depression, social withdrawal and other mental health issues at rates much higher than the average. Homeless children are twice as likely to be persistently hungry and four times as likely to have delayed development. Homelessness affects children’s ability to form relationships and prevents them from integrating into mainstream society.


Families struggling to keep their children safe, warm and dry at night have little energy left to work towards a better future. With an adequate house taken care of, adults can look for and retain better jobs – and provide better long-term support for themselves and their children. A new home inspires families to give back to their community in new ways.

Individual Athletes


When athletes are removed from their competitive environments and witness the poverty that a majority of the world lives in, they gain a new perspective on what is important. We bring in dynamic guest speakers that encourage athletes to be purpose-based. Purpose-based athletes find purpose in the process, not only in the end result.They are grateful for each day, that they are able to train, and they value their relationships because they realize these helped them get to where they are today.


Our participants return home understanding the bigger picture – that their identity goes beyond their athletic career. They see beyond the accomplishments, the medals and the numbers. They begin to appreciate anew the people and the processes that have helped them to reach their milestones. When tough times do come their way, they will be able to adapt and withstand the pressure because they have a strong foundation beneath them.


We bring athletes together for a shared purpose over the course of one weekend. Our trips help teams looking to deepen relationships and improve communication. Participants unite with the common goal of completing a home build in two days. Removed from their comfort zones, athletes are able to grow personally and as a team. This experience shows how each individual has value and builds respect between the participants.  

Sports Teams

Team Unity

Building a house is a great team equalizer – hierarchies crumble as teams focus on accomplishing the task of completing the home. All participants pitch in to accomplish the task. Meaningful relationships are made and perspectives are changed as participants start to see their potential to contribute to the world beyond sport.

When the house is finished, the keys are handed over to the family in a moving dedication ceremony. The home will transform the family’s life and gives them hope for the future.

Working together on building a house means teams have to interact in a whole new way. Previous levels of seniority or performance don’t matter – everyone has an important role to play in getting the house finished on time. Teams become unified towards their common goal and pull together.


Everyone has to communicate well if the build is to happen smoothly. And while the work is physically tiring, everyone has a lot of fun doing it!


The impact of this lasts long beyond the build. Our participants say they have seen lasting improvements in how their team members relate to each other going forward – resulting in more cohesive teamwork and better performance.

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