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Pre-departure Requirements

All Participants are required to submit additional information as requested by Hope Sports as part of the pre-departure process. This may include both physical documents and online forms. Requirements are based on the Participant’s specific program, and due dates submitting additional information will vary based on the program. Participants will be given access to additional resources and information, specific to their selected program, emailed from a Hope Sports staff member. This information includes, but is not limited to, a list of items, documents and/or payments still needing to be sent or submitted to Hope Sports and associated due dates. If your pre-departure documents are not received on time, you may delay or forfeit your participation due to late submission of documents.

Payment Policies

To participate, each Participant or applicant is required to pay the following in accordance with the terms herein:

1)  Payment in full at time of booking


Refund Policy

The amount of your refund is based on how far in advance from the start date of the trip you notify us of your cancellation.

•Up to five months prior, 100% refundable.  Change trip dates free of charge.

•Up to four months prior, change trip dates free of charge.  If you would like a refund, 75% of your fee is refundable.

•Up to three months months prior, $190 fee per person to change trip dates.  If you would like a refund, 50% of your fee is refundable.

•Up to two months prior, $490 fee per person to change trip dates.  If you would like a refund, 25% of your fee is refundable.

•Less than two months prior, the program fee is non-refundable.  Changes to trip dates are not possible.

Changes in Program Structure

Hope Sports makes every effort to ensure that programs operate as described in the published material. However, circumstances occasionally dictate that changes are necessary or advisable that may include but are not limited to staffing, excursions, cultural-immersion activities, service-learning activities, competition, and/or housing options. Hope Sports reserves the right to alter any part of the program as deemed necessary or advisable.


Payment Methods

Bank transfer or credit/debit card payments are accepted.

Credit Card Payments

HOPE SPORTS accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express. A 3.2% Processing Fee will be assessed to all credit card payments. Processing fees will be charged to the credit card being used at the time payment is made. The processing fee can be avoided by paying by standard check, bank transfer, wire, money order or direct deposit.


Health and Safety Measures

HOPE SPORTS shall have the right to take whatever actions it deems necessary in regard to the health and safety of all Participants including, without limitation, obtaining medical treatment on the Participant’s behalf, transporting them out of the country for medical treatment, or any other necessary measures. In the event of a medical emergency, determined at the discretion of HOPE SPORTS staff, HOPE SPORTS reserves the right to contact the Participant’s Emergency Contact, as provided by the Participant, without the Participant’s expressed permission or consent. HOPE SPORTS will only disclose medical information relevant to the Participant’s current medical emergency, and will only disclose the information to the Emergency Contact.


Code Of Conduct

HOPE SPORTS has high standards for Participant conduct, and as a participant in a HOPE SPORTS program you are expected to uphold these standards, in addition to respecting and observing the culture and laws of the host country and any institutions that are also involved with any program. All Participants are required to be familiar with, and act and abide by, the policies outlined in this document. Any Participant can be dismissed from the program at any time, without refund, at the discretion of HOPE SPORTS staff for violation of any of the HOPE SPORTS policies and standards outlined below:

1)         Participant Responsibilities. In connection with the participation in a HOPE SPORTS Program, each Participant will be responsible for all of the following:

1                     You are responsible for researching and understanding issues that relate to the safety, health, political, legal, cultural and religious conditions that exist in your host country and housing.

2                 You are responsible for your actions and behavior while participating in a HOPE SPORTS Program, or otherwise while in the host country, or housing.

3                     You are responsible for the planning and managing of all personal travel plans and must recognize your personal responsibility in understanding the safety situation in each place you visit and that HOPE SPORTS may not be able to come to your aid should you need support in and outside of your host city or in non-HOPE SPORTS sponsored events or travel.

4                     You are responsible for managing and maintaining appropriate relationships with other program Participants, faculty, staff, and local residents.

5                     You will take full responsibility for financial obligations associated with the HOPE SPORTS program which you are enrolled, as well as the cost to repair or replace any damage to the property of HOPE SPORTS, or of HOPE SPORTS homestays, lodging accommodations, or partner organizations that you cause.

2)         Compliance With the Law Outside the United States.  Participants shall comply with all laws of the host country in which the Program operates and any country in which the Participant travels while participating in a HOPE SPORTS Program. Employment during the program is prohibited without proper legal documentation and is highly discouraged even with proper legal documentation. Operation of motor vehicles while participating in the program is highly discouraged. Political activities or use of illegal drugs are prohibited and may subject you to significant civil or criminal penalties. If you engage in political activities or the use of illegal drugs, you do assume any and all risk and responsibility to attend to the matter at your own expense.

3)         Loss of Privileges. Your privileges to use HOPE SPORTS facilities, participate in HOPE SPORTS programs or activities, or to use the facilities or participate in the activities of any HOPE SPORTS partners may be revoked at any time at the discretion of HOPE SPORTS staff based on any violation of the standard outlined in “Participant Responsibilities” above.


4)         Alcohol, Drug, and Substance Policy. HOPE SPORTS has an alcohol and drug policy that Participants are required to follow at all times. If a person is of legal drinking age in the host country, they are permitted to consume alcohol within reasonable limits. Persons who choose to consume alcohol are responsible for their actions at all times. Any abuse of this privilege, at the discretion of HOPE SPORTS staff, will lead to the revocation of this and/or other privileges and could lead to dismissal from the program without refund. HOPE SPORTS prohibits the consumption of alcohol during any HOPE SPORTS events including classroom, training, or service-learning activities. Participants are not allowed to buy, sell, use or possess any substances considered illegal under United States law or the law of the host country. The use of any substances in a manner that violates National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules is strictly prohibited and will result in the immediate dismissal from the program, without refund.

5)         Dismissal. Each Participant understands and agrees that any Participant can be dismissed from the HOPE SPORTS Program at any time for violating the guidelines and Code of Conduct outlined in this document.

Release of Liability

Each Participant of a HOPE SPORTS program hereby agrees to release, fully discharge, indemnify, and hold harmless HOPE SPORTS and its owners, employees, representatives and partners from all suits, claims, liability, costs or expenses of any nature, including, but not limited to, attorneys’ fees, arising out of or in any way related to events or participation in HOPE SPORTS programs including, without limitation, claims for personal injury or property damage, except for the gross negligence or intentional misconduct of HOPE SPORTS, or its employees.

Each Participant authorizes HOPE SPORTS to discuss this program with their parents/family and with their home institution in the U.S. Each Participant releases all photos taken or received from the Participant’s experience abroad to be used by HOPE SPORTS, and its partners, exclusively for promotional materials.

By signing below, The Participant acknowledges that said he/she has read, understands and agrees to the information presented herein, and any separate documents that are mentioned herein, and hereby agrees to the HOPE SPORTS terms and conditions set forth herein, including without limitation, the Terms and Conditions, Code of Conduct, and Release of Liability.

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