Renewed Perspectives

Performance Based vs. Purpose Based

We aim to create a culture where athletes can thrive in life and sport. Our goal is that athletes adopt a purpose based identity so that they understand that their worth and value is not based on how they perform in sport. Medals must be earned through hardwork and dedication but self-worth and value are inherent in every humanbeing.




Elite athletes are driven to win – but when winning at all costs becomes a compulsion, that’s a problem. Performance-based athletes are so focused on winning that nothing else matters. They push everything in their lives aside, including important relationships, in their pursuit of medals, fame and fortune. Performance-based identity is particularly worrying in youth sports.

This can create very real, often permanent psychological scars and issues including:

  • The person self-identifies exclusively as an athlete
  • Pre-competition anxiety
  • Expressing the desire to quit or withdraw from a competition
  • Lower self-worth if performance is below par
  • Jealousy or envy towards those who do better
  • Fear of failure overcomes the excitement of competition
  • Obsession over mistakes
  • Unhealthy focus on working harder to overcome failures



Purpose-based athletes share certain qualities- they appreciate each and every day, they are grateful that they are able to train, and they are thankful for those around them who enable their success. For these athletes, the journey and process are just as significant as the final result.

They are able to look past their achievements, their trophies and records, and acknowledge everyone and everything that has helped get them where they are today.

All this means that when they face a rough patch, they can do so with resilience, inner strength and adaptability.

Purpose means resilience and better performance

Given the same variables, the same odds, and the same results, the purpose-based athlete bounces back faster.

If they are not selected for the team, they can bear the disappointment because their happiness is not completely dependent on performance.


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