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Performance-based vs. purpose-based athletes

Love the process and you’ll always win We all want to win. However, when the compulsion to win becomes an unhealthy obsession, it can be insidious. A performance-based mindset in athletics is endemic, and truthfully, it comes with the territory. After all, it’s…


4 Days Can Really Change Your Perspective

Guest Contributor- Austin Green Photos by- Olivia Meers It’s crazy how drastically your perspective can change from Friday, when you arrive on the Hope Sports campus, to Monday when you cross back over into the United States. I knew I was going with a group of…


And The Why

This post was originally posted by Ted King, on his blog.  Used with permission.   It’s easy to say that we’re generous with our time as professional athletes. That we help promote the sport, develop wellness, endorse beneficial change for the world. Those are…


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