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This post was originally posted by Ted King, on his blog.  Used with permission.


It’s easy to say that we’re generous with our time as professional athletes. That we help promote the sport, develop wellness, endorse beneficial change for the world. Those are all uplifting truths, but another reality of any sport is that they’re often an all-consuming endeavor. For success, we need to focus on our individual needs. Our time is precious, training and intervals immediately segue to necessary recovery and proper relaxation so that when it’s time to perform we can focus deeply within ourselves excel. Me, me, me, I, I, I, need, need, need.

Another stark reality is this:


This family doesn’t know about the critical one hour window for optimal post-exercise glycogen uptake. They don’t complain about the additional price tacked onto flying with a bicycle, nor do they know what’s wonderful about a ceramic bearing, nor how much of a bummer it is to hit a bump and double flat. Admittedly, all important things from a particular perspective, but not the kind of stuff that should dictate one’s mood in a day. A house burning down — a home, all of one’s possessions, in a set of circumstances where insurance was never even an option — that’s the stuff of importance.

So a group of professional/elite/retired/up and coming/Olympic/international athletes came together…


We were given tools, materials, and a specific set of instructions to step-by-step build a home. (Step one Ted, don’t cut through the power cord with the power saw. Check!)


Walls went up…


Other walls went up. Conveniently, four in total…


The family worked right alongside us to ensure that they were intricately involved in building their future…


I measured some stuff, got on a ladder, then borrowed Audley’s herculean strength and height to help secure the upper walls into place…


Just as this entire group came together and a home took shape.


Door to door, it was 1pm Friday until 11am Monday. And to be honest, this trip was served up on a silver platter to us. We were safe and well taken care of throughout the weekend, and we all had an incredible time. With a handful of our athlete build crew on a return 2nd, 3rd, 4th trip, they explained time and again that we would get more out of the trip than we were giving to this family in the form of a home. That turns out to be the unequivocal truth.
I know I’m already back to a contemporary reality that includes lots of bike riding, worldly trips, fun events, and plenty of time with friends on two wheels. Perspectives change thanks to an experience like this. Step by step, without a whole lot of knowledge in how to build a house, gosh darn it, we built a house. Step by step, we can put a house together and we can make the world a better place. It takes a bit of time and a step out of one’s comfort zone, but it’s so uplifting and so worth it.
I have some pretty incredible sponsors that allow me to do some pretty incredible things. I know I’m blessed and to them, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Additionally, I thank the sponsors of this weekend. Hope Sports, More Than Sport, Athletes in Action, Homes of Hope, all the builders, Guy and Todd for their persistence, and this incredibly loving family for making this weekend a reality. May it not be just the weekend.


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